What is Public Works Camp?

Public Works Camp is a barcamp focused on innovation and ideas for public works professionals.


What is the Purpose of Public Works Camp?

Public Works Camp has five main goals:

Bring together people from the public and private sector who are either interested in or working in the public works field to share perspectives, insights, ideas about the public works profession and industry.
Share best practices, particularly those focused on increasing sustainability, effectiveness, and efficiency.
Foster communities of practice and advocacy on the role of our profession in our world.
Offer educational opportunities that are innovative, fun, and effective and build on more traditional methods.
Create outcomes that participants will act upon after the event is over.

Public Works Camp explores and documents ideas, lessons learned, best practices, industry standards, regulations, and patterns that can be implemented within and shared across the profession, anywhere in the world.  Of particular interest are methods of handling increasing regulation, reduced revenues, increased expectations while implementing innovative and effective solutions.

And for those who need them, we'll be issuing certificates at the end for PDHs!

Where Did the Idea for Public Works Camp Come From?

Public Works Camp is inspired by Transportation Camp, CityCamp, Transparency Camp, and Gov 2.0 Camp


Sponsors of Public Works Camp:

Public Works Camp is sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of APWA