Join us March 18th for Public Works Camp

  • February 24th, 2011

The Fox Valley Branch of the Chicago Chapter of APWA has been delivering quality education for public works professionals in the Fox Valley area for some time. And the education committee is continuing to develop even more interesting topics and formats through which we can all ramp up our knowledge. 

So we ask that you consider joining us for an interactive and newer style workshop designed to provide a unique learning experience.  This is not your typical seminar as this will provide an opportunity for every attendee to discuss, and if interested, even lead a topic of their choosing.  Participants will be able to tailor their day choosing from a variety of topics with possible subject areas covering CCDD, stormwater, water/wastewater, municipal policies, ADA, transportation, GIS/CAD, doing more with less, grants, etc.  

Do you have ideas for other topics you would like to hear more about?  Maybe you would like to share your knowledge regarding a topic you feel would draw the interest of your colleagues?  Well, that is exactly why we set up this site at Feel free to post new topics, ideas, or suggestions on that site or if you'd rather not, go ahead and add them in the comment field. (To access the comment field, you have to click the title of this post and wait to be taken to it's page.)

And we'll see you at the camp on March 18th!